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Bridging Finance

Once we have determined that this is the most suitable option for you we are able to refer you to one of our chosen packagers for specialist advice for both the commercial and residential markets. Our chosen firms have access to a wide range of loan providers, ranging from high street banks to small private investors.

We wont advise on your bridging loan but you can be assured that our packagers will tailor the loan to meet your individual circumstances, ensuring you understand all the procedures and costs of the process up front. They will search the market for you to find the most competitive rate available regardless of whether the bridging loan is small or large, or where the property is located.

We will discuss in detail with you all aspects of what you are looking to do - we take into account your profile, the property profile, how quickly you need the funds and your exit strategy.

Once we have that information we will introduce you to one of our packagers and they will search the market and recommend the most suitable lender.

As a matter of course as part of the process we will advise you on the most suitable lenders to enable you to exit your bridging finance when it is no longer required.