Sustainable Homes

Sustainable Homes

April 12, 2022

Creating better places for people to live

WHEN IT COMES TO SUSTAINABILITY, having greener homes and a lower environmental impact is now sitting near the very top of many Britons’ property priorities. Sustainability can no longer be considered a niche. 

The government’s intention is for all new homes to be zero-carbon by 2050 and produce a 75% to 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025. With pressure on natural resources and the uncertainty of climate change, it is important that homes of the future are built in ways that provide benefits for both homeowners and the environment. 

IMPROVE AND PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT As the pace of UK house building is set to increase, now is the time to make a significant shift to homes that use resources more efficiently. Such a move will improve the quality of the built environment, create better places for people to live, and improve and protect the environment.

Climate change is a hot topic and cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions are still far from where they need to be to preserve a liveable climate. This was highlighted during COP26 (the UN Climate Change Conference) last year. 

Consumer sentiment is increasing towards more sustainable ‘green’ homes and a ‘green’ premium. 

WATER AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY Energy prices are steadily increasing year by year, and with a growing population, the demand and costs for energy are only set to increase.

Incorporating energy-efficient systems throughout your home will noticeably cut the price of your bills, and the initial setup cost will soon be earned back through the savings you’ll make. 

LESS MAINTENANCE Sustainable home-builders are not only concerned with building homes that are more environmentally friendly; they also want to build quality homes that will last. When you purchase a sustainable home you will not have to worry about costly maintenance and repairs for many years to come as your home will be made out of the highest-quality materials, and it will contain components and appliances meant to last a lifetime.

“The demand and costs for energy are only set to increase.”

HEALTHY INDOOR ENVIRONMENT In order to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible, sustainable home builders try to be as environmentally friendly as possible during the building process by using paints, adhesives, sealants and other materials that are more sustainable and that give off fewer chemical emissions. Sustainable homes also use purer ventilation systems that help to further improve indoor air quality, making it easier to breathe and creating a healthier living environment for you and your family. 

LOWER CARBON FOOTPRINT Another reason to consider buying a sustainable home is knowing that you are doing your part to limit greenhouse gas emissions and help reduce the effects of climate change. In particular, the energy efficiency of a sustainable house will greatly reduce the amount of energy you consume. A large amount of the energy that is produced goes to residential consumers. The production of this energy often requires the consumption of precious natural resources and fossil fuels. 

“Green homes can also be a good investment as they tend to have a higher resale value than regular homes.”

HIGHER PROPERTY VALUE When you purchase a sustainable home not only will you find yourself spending less money on utilities and maintaining your home, but green homes can also be a good investment as they tend to have a higher resale value than regular homes. Green homes are now highly sought after, and as such may attract a much higher property value than their non-green counterparts. Investing in an eco-friendly home now means you’ll be one step ahead for the future. 


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